Meter Payment Options

There's no need to carry around a bunch of quarters in your pockets. You have three options to pay for your parking spot:

  • Coins: Use nickels, dimes and quarters or tokens.
  • Credit Cards: There is a $1 minimum.
  • The QP Quick Pay app: Download the app and pay.
  • Pay by phone by calling or texting 1-801-701-1888

We know you didn't come downtown to hassle with your car, so there's no need to return to your car with that pesky dashboard receipt—we want you to get on your way. Paid parking hours are from 8 am to 8 pm, for a maximum of 2 hours, Monday - Friday. Saturdays are free, with a 2 hour maximum. No restrcitions Sunday.

Download the QuickPay App to pay with your mobile phone